Going To A Costume Party? Wear One Of These Cute Adult Halloween Costumes

Costume parties aren’t just for Halloween — people have themed parties all year round! Whether you have an upcoming Greek life event or you’re getting together with old friends for a night of mischief, you need a selection of cute, sexy Halloween costumes to choose from. At Dreamgirl, we have lots of great outfits and accessories at our adult costume store, including themes from different decades, the Wild West, fairy tales, animals, warriors, foreign affairs, and more. Shop our sexy, unique Halloween costumes for women and men, and consider wearing one of these awesome outfits to your next costume party!

Half-Baked Scout

Our Half-Baked Scout costume is one of the most funny, sexy Halloween costumes we have here at Dreamgirl, and you’ll crack up when you find out why! This girl scout might have a little too much fun, with special brownies in hand and scandalous patches on her vest. If you’re going to a costume party and are hoping to win the most creative costume award, this one takes the cake!

Saloon Gal

Cowboys and Indians is a popular costume party theme, especially in the summer. Instead of coming up with a DIY Indian costume or throwing on a cowgirl hat, go big with a sexy Saloon Gal outfit! This saloon girl dress is incredibly sexy, with a short white skirt, off-the-shoulder top, and a long maroon skirt held together by a distressed, leather-look, lace-up waist corset. Pair it with some cowboy boots and costume tights, and you’re all saddled up!

Beauty-Licious Blonde Doll

Every blonde should dress up in a sexy Barbie costume at some point in their life, whether at a college party or a themed bar crawl in your thirties. Our Beauty-Licious Blonde Doll costume looks just like the original Barbie, making it one of the best Barbie Halloween costumes for adults that we’ve seen. Wear the tight, bubble gum pink dress with the matching collared jacket, pin, tiara, and choker to complete the look, and don’t forget your favorite pair of pink heels!

Locked Up!

This one’s for the bad girls! If your Halloween party costume ideas consist of dressing up like Piper Chapman from Orange Is The New Black, we’ve got a sexy inmate costume that you’ll look great in. This funny, sexy Halloween costume is bright orange with a zip-up romper front, belt, handcuffs, and a prison ID pin to compliment the booking card and “Guilty” print on the backside. Wear it with some black leather boots and you’ll look like a smooth criminal!

It’s Greek To Me

Ever been to a toga party? Next time your sorority teams up with the fraternities on campus to throw a Greek party, save yourself the time and hassle of making your own toga and order one online instead! Our It’s Greek To Me outfit is the sexy Greek Goddess costume you’ve been looking for, with chiffon back sashes and a sexy white overskirt, tied together with a gold metal belt. Plus, the skirt has a slit down the side to make it extra sexy, and it comes with a matching fold leaf and white rose headpiece. Buy some gladiator sandals and unleash your inner Goddess!

To Die Over

If you’re going to a haunted costume party, we’ve got an outfit that’ll give you chills — our To Die Over women’s vampire Halloween costume. Sexy and terrifying at the same time, this black mini dress and cape will have all the boys in a trance. Wear this corset vampire dress with some sexy costume tights and heels, and add some jewelry and fake blood for the full effect.

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