Travel In Time With A Roaring ’20s Party

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about what life would be like if you were born in a different decade? Maybe you watched The Great Gatsby recently and found yourself wishing you could sneak into a speakeasy or dance the night away at an underground jazz club. A lot of things have changed since the Roaring ’20s, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate your favorite things about the Prohibition era by throwing a ’20s-themed party! At Dreamgirl, we have lots of stunning ’20s flapper costumes and men’s gangster costumes to make your Roaring ’20s party a riot. Here’s what you need to travel back in time to the 1920s!

Sexy Flapper Costumes

Whether you’re hosting a Roaring ’20s party or you’re dressing up in a Great Gatsby flapper dress for Halloween, you’ll need to look the part. Traditionally, flapper dresses were sleeveless with short hems (for the time), lots of fringe, and deep velvety colors. Flappers wore their hair in a bob and accessorized with headband headpieces, often adorned with beads, feathers, and tassels. They also wore heels and panty hose, and many of them held long cigarette holders in their gloved hands. These women were known for dancing in jazz clubs and indulging in their favorite cocktails during the Prohibition, making them an iconic part of history.

Today, flappers are remembered as women who weren’t afraid to embrace their femininity and be themselves, even when society told them to cover up. The spirit of the flapper is still relevant today, and lucky for you, we have dozens of sexy flapper costumes for sale at Dreamgirl. Our ’20s flapper costumes feature soft, velvety fabric, flirty tassels, and beaded accents, as well as plunging necklines and a form-fitting design. We’ve also included fun headpieces in our flapper girl costumes, featuring sequins and colorful feathers.

Looking for the perfect ’20s flapper costume to wear to your Prohibition party? Shop our Roaring ’20s costume collection online at Dreamgirl, and complete the look with some costume tights, a feathered boa, long sleeve gloves, and a cigarette holder. Bringing a date to the party? Check out our gangster couple’s costumes to find the perfect bootlegger costume or outlaw getup for your honey.

An Underground Venue

During the Prohibition, flappers, bootleggers, and jazz musicians congregated in underground bars called speakeasies, where they could get away with drinking illegally without anyone knowing. Lots of speakeasies had code words to get in, and they were carefully guarded to help keep the noise down and hopefully deter the police. If you and your friends are looking to travel back in time to the Roaring ’20s, you’ll need to travel underground — to the basement. When you send your party invitations, be sure to include the code word so your friends can get into your speakeasy without being questioned by the cops!

The vibe of these underground speakeasies was sophisticated yet playful and sometimes a bit rowdy, with plenty to drink and lots of lively music to dance to. If you’re throwing a Roaring ’20s party, you’ll need to deck out your speakeasy with fun lighting and decor to set the mood, including a nice open space for a dance floor. Weave some black and gold streamers along the ceiling and add some balloons to create a fun, ritzy atmosphere, and set up your speakers with a playlist of ’20s jazz music. And don’t forget the refreshments table!

Food & Drink

All the best parties have great finger food and cocktails, and your speakeasy should have the best of the best. Cover a card table with a black tablecloth, and create a fun sign to hang above it, with “Welcome To The Party! Let’s Misbehave” or “Prohibition Ends Here” in big, gold letters. Then, recycle some old champagne bottles by spray painting them with gold and black sparkles, then decorate them with feathers, pearls, and flowers before placing them around the snack table. Add some confetti, sparkly champagne glasses, and decorative platters, and you’re ready to start cooking!

Finger foods are great for costume parties, so have fun with it! Bake some cupcakes and coat them with frosting and edible glitter, and arrange some finger sandwiches, olives, chips, and assorted cheeses on your platters. You’ll also need to get a few beverage dispensers, which are great for cocktails and hard fruit punch (or moonshine). For the guests who prefer champagne, set out a few bottles in ice buckets, surrounded by glittery champagne flutes. If you’re feeling really craftsy, make some Jell-O shots with your favorite liquor, or play bartender and make your friends delicious drinks all night long.

Order A Sexy Flapper Costume Online At Dreamgirl

Now that you have a few ideas to help you get started, it’s time to start planning your Roaring ’20s costume party! Stock up on ’20s-themed decorations and start sending out invitations, then get to work on creating your own underground speakeasy. If you get stuck, try not to overthink it — Pinterest has lots of fun ’20s party ideas. Oh, and don’t forget to order your ’20s flapper costume ahead of time!

At Dreamgirl, we have lots of sexy flapper costumes for you to choose from in red, blue, pink, gold, purple, and black. Shop our Roaring ’20s costume collection today, and don’t forget to check out our sexy gangster costumes for guys. We even have a Party At Gatsby’s costume that is perfect for Prohibition era parties and will make an awesome couple’s costume!