Celebrate Spring Break With These Costume Party Themes

Spring break is right around the corner, which means it’s time to throw some epic parties! Whether you’re going somewhere tropical or you’re staying home and want to have some fun with your college friends, there’s always an excuse to throw a costume party. At Dreamgirl, we have lots of unique costumes and awesome couple’s costumes that are perfect for any costume party. Shop men’s and women’s themed outfits at our online costume store, or throw a party with one of these unique costume themes over spring break!

Decades Party

Decades parties are a great way to bring all your friends together for a night you’ll never forget. Have your friends dress up in clothing from their favorite decade, whether that be the Roaring ’20s, the pin-up ’50s, the hippie ’60s, the groovy ’70s, the hair band ’80s, or the retro ’90s, and bring everyone together with a mash-up of hit music from each era. Play tunes by Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and of course, the most beloved pop stars of the 2000s: Brittany Spears, Rihanna, and Gwen Stefani. Oh, and don’t forget to throw in some Usher and Beyoncé!

Of course, no costume party is complete without the attire. Encourage your friends to wear ’20s flapper costumes, colorful hippie costumes, sexy Marilyn Monroe costumes, or any other unique decades costumes to your party. Also be sure to encourage original couples costumes, like matching ’50s sock hop outfits, groovy disco costumes, an ’80s hair band, or “the plastics” from Mean Girls.

Party Animals

If you and your friends are party animals, take that label to the next level by throwing an animal costume party! Decorate your house in a jungle party theme with colorful streamers, balloons, facepaint, and lots of tropical punch. Have your friends come as their favorite animal, whether that be a sexy black cat costume, a naughty bunny, a dalmatian, or a lion, king of the jungle. Get ready to have a wild night full of untamed animal instinct!

Under The Sea

Not going somewhere tropical for spring break? Don’t worry — throw a nautical-themed party! Invite your friends to dress up as their favorite sea creatures, such as fish, penguins, or mermaids. Or, if you’re feeling a little feisty, have all the ladies dress up in sailor girl outfits or as pirates who are on the hunt for treasure. Deck out your house in pirate ship decor or an under-the-sea theme, complete with a sand box, streamers, blue lighting or black light, and tropical cocktails.

Shop Dreamgirl For Your Spring Break Costume Party

Now that you have a few costume party ideas, it’s time to stock up on party supplies and order your costume! Check out all the themed outfits we offer at our online costume store, and be sure to check back for future blog posts with more party inspiration. As the best adult costume store online, we have lots of creative costumes for men and women, including original couples costumes, sexy costumes, funny costumes, and so much more. Shop now!