Why Wigs Are The Hottest Trend Of 2019

Glamour wigs are making a major comeback in 2019, as celebrities rock long colored wigs and synthetic bob wigs on the red carpet. If you tuned into this year’s Met Gala, you may have noticed that lots of celebrities sported colorful hairdos, the most eye-catching of which being Kylie Jenner’s long purple wig that made her look like a mermaid. At the same event, Jennifer Lopez wore a short blonde wig with bangs and sparkly dangle accents, paying tribute to one of Cher’s famous wigs. However, celebrities aren’t the only ones wearing wigs these days — colorful synthetic hair wigs are the hottest trend of 2019, and everyone is wearing them to the clubs!

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Be Bold — Without The Commitment

If there’s one main advantage of synthetic hair wigs over hair dye, it’s that you can go wild with all the colors you want, without the commitment of a permanent hair color. This makes synthetic hair wigs perfect for Halloween costumes, concerts, parties, and nights out on the town, as you’ll be able to transform for a night and return to your normal self when you get back home. Plus, you won’t have to worry about bleaching your hair or dying it in sessions when you order glamour wigs from your favorite online costume store.

A New Way To Masquerade

Wearing a wig also allows you to be someone different for a night, which is a fun thing to do with your girlfriends if you’re looking to mix up your Saturday night routine. Dress up in a sexy clubbing outfit and hide your identity by wearing a colorful synthetic wig in your favorite shade of pink, purple, blue, or green. Come up with fake names for you and your friends, and pretend to be a different person for the entire night. All eyes will be on you when you hit the dance floor in a purple ombré wig or a long turquoise wig with beautiful curls — you’ll have the boys in a tizzy!

Mix Up Your Style

Even if you aren’t dressing up for a costume party or dancing at the club, wearing a wig is a great way to switch up your style everyday without having to cut, dye, or style your hair. This is part of the reason why so many celebrities wear synthetic hair wigs — it allows them to explore different styles and show off their adventurous new looks in front of the camera. If you’re thinking about chopping all your hair off, a short curly blonde wig or synthetic bob wig might be just the thing you need. And, if you currently have short hair and don’t want to buy hair extensions, try a long brunette wig with curls or a long wig with bangs to frame your face. Whatever your style, it’s always a good idea to have several looks on hand for different occasions.

Show Off Your Femininity

Wigs also give you a new way to express your femininity. Let’s face it: you’ve probably tried lots of different hairstyles, makeup pallets, and outfits over the years, and it might seem like you’ve exhausted all your options. However, new trends like synthetic hair wigs are making it easier to explore your femininity and try new looks that are flattering on you. If you’re bored of your current look and are in search of a fresh way to show off your feminine side, a blonde synthetic wig, a brown wig with bangs, or even a fun purple bob wig might be for you! Pair it with the right outfit and you’ll look and feel your most beautiful, whether you’re going to a party, club, or just another day at school.

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