5 Burlesque Dance Costumes To Steal The Show

Burlesque is a type of variety show that empowers women by allowing them to express their femininity in a fun and creative way. Burlesque shows combine song, dance, and skits to tell a seductive yet funny story, and they always involve fun showgirl outfits, wigs, and dramatic makeup. At Dreamgirl, we have lots of sexy burlesque dresses, corsets, and bodysuits available on our online costume store. Shop our burlesque clothing today, or continue reading for some stunning showgirl outfits that are sure to steal your next burlesque show!

Flapper Burlesque Costume

Lots of vintage burlesque costumes incorporate feathers, sequins, and silk with form-fitting corsets and sexy thigh high fishnet tights with garter clips. Sexy flapper costumes always make for a great burlesque show, especially if you go all-out with feathered hats, colorful boas, and puffy tutus. At Dreamgirl, we have sexy ’20s flapper costumes in many different styles and colors! Check out our Sophisticated Lady Flapper, Dames Like Us Flapper, and Gatsby Girl Flapper costumes if you’re looking for a sexy burlesque dress to wear for your next cabaret or burlesque show!

Gypsy Burlesque Costume

Seduce the crowd during your next performance by belly dancing your way across the stage in a sexy gypsy costume from Dreamgirl. Our gypsy fortune teller costumes include off-the-shoulder crop tops, velvet lace-up bodices, layered skirts, and thick headbands with gold coin detailing. Click here to get more gypsy costume ideas, and get ready to put the audience in a trance during your next burlesque show!

Naughty Pirate Burlesque Costume

There’s nothing sexier than a naughty pirate, and we’ve got lots of revealing women’s pirate dresses at our online costume store. Whether you’re looking to steal some pirate booty as a sexy Pirate Wench or slay the seas in a mini white pirate dress, all eyes will be on you as you strut your stuff in black heeled boots.

Sexy Maid Burlesque Costume

Be a part of everyone’s fantasy by dressing up in a sexy French maid costume or Bavarian Babe outfit and dusting your way across the stage at your next burlesque show. No one can resist a sexy French maid apron, and we’ve got lots of adorable French maid dresses at Dreamgirl. Shop our Fairy Tale & Storybook costume collection today to get ideas for your sexy beer maid costume or French maid outfit!

Seasonal Burlesque Costumes

If you are putting on a seasonal burlesque show for the holidays, you’ll need to deck out your dancers in women’s Santa Claus costumes with lots of red velvet, furry white detailing, and of course, a revealing lace hem. Put on your own version of Mean Girls’ “Jingle Bell Rock” and dance across the stage in our Santa’s Sweetie costume, or put on a winter skit as Sleigh Belle! It’s never too early to get into the Christmas spirit, especially if you can flaunt it onstage in a sexy Santa Baby costume!

Order Burlesque Dresses & Costumes At Dreamgirl

Whether you’re dressing up in a sexy flapper costume, a gypsy fortune teller costume, or a sexy French maid costume for your next burlesque show or cabaret, we’ve got everything you need at our online costume store. Shop our showgirl outfits today at Dreamgirl!