4 Classic Halloween Costumes

Each year, when Halloween comes around, it’s a struggle to find the costume that you’re going to wear. Even if you are incredibly creative, it can be challenging to narrow down your ideas and settle on just one. Though you may want to be as creative and witty as possible, there are times where sticking… read more

Why Wigs Are The Hottest Trend Of 2019

Glamour wigs are making a major comeback in 2019, as celebrities rock long colored wigs and synthetic bob wigs on the red carpet. If you tuned into this year’s Met Gala, you may have noticed that lots of celebrities sported colorful hairdos, the most eye-catching of which being Kylie Jenner’s long purple wig that made… read more

Benefits Of Ordering Costumes Online

If you’re like most people, you’ve scrambled to find the best sexy Halloween costumes at the last minute, just a few days before your costume party. You’ve scoured every adult costume store and party shop in town, only to find that all the best outfits have been taken. It’s too late to order something from… read more

Going To A Costume Party? Wear One Of These Cute Adult Halloween Costumes

Costume parties aren’t just for Halloween — people have themed parties all year round! Whether you have an upcoming Greek life event or you’re getting together with old friends for a night of mischief, you need a selection of cute, sexy Halloween costumes to choose from. At Dreamgirl, we have lots of great outfits and… read more

Kick Off The Summer With A Nautical Themed Party

What could be more fun than kicking off the upcoming summer with a killer party? When throwing a party, it is important to come up with a fun theme that will boost everyone’s spirits. Even better, throwing a costumed party adds an element of fun to the big event. When it comes to summer, nothing… read more

Celebrate Spring Break With These Costume Party Themes

Spring break is right around the corner, which means it’s time to throw some epic parties! Whether you’re going somewhere tropical or you’re staying home and want to have some fun with your college friends, there’s always an excuse to throw a costume party. At Dreamgirl, we have lots of unique costumes and awesome couple’s… read more

5 Burlesque Dance Costumes To Steal The Show

Burlesque is a type of variety show that empowers women by allowing them to express their femininity in a fun and creative way. Burlesque shows combine song, dance, and skits to tell a seductive yet funny story, and they always involve fun showgirl outfits, wigs, and dramatic makeup. At Dreamgirl, we have lots of sexy… read more

Travel In Time With A Roaring ’20s Party

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about what life would be like if you were born in a different decade? Maybe you watched The Great Gatsby recently and found yourself wishing you could sneak into a speakeasy or dance the night away at an underground jazz club. A lot of things have changed since the… read more

4 Reasons To Buy A Costume When It’s Not Halloween

When it comes to purchasing a costume, we often wait for Halloween to be the season for dressing up. However, if you are shopping our online costume store and you are dying for a reason to buy a few new outfits, be assured — Halloween is far from the only reason to buy a costume.… read more

Why Every Girl Should Own A Sexy Halloween Costume

Halloween is a unique time of year. From the young to the old, people take on different identities, dressing up for the night, and embarking on a night of fantasy. While your days of trick-or-treating might be over, as an adult Halloween takes on a new tone. With pub crawls and parties, Halloween for adults… read more